Cambridge Indies: Pub meetup, 30th November, 6pm Tram Depot

Hey all,

Our usual last-tuesday-of-the-month pub meetup is taking place next Tuesday at 6pm in the usual place, the Tram Depot pub beside CB2. Here's a map:

(There should also be a couple of people along as usual in CB2 earlier in the day.)

Secondly, there are two game jams happening in December! First up, the Everybody Draw Jam, hosted in London in the same venue as the World of Love jam earlier this year, and being organised by Honeyslug's Ricky Haggett. The idea behind the jam is to make games based on children's artwork from the Canonbury Primary School event Everybody Draw:


Every Monday morning at Canonbury Primary School around 200 children, joined by staff and parents/carers and artist volunteers, all draw together. We programme a wide range of different drawing techniques: from drawing with water; to making a huge collage; but the most common, and popular activity remains huge sheets of paper and lots of different coloured pens. EVERYBODY draw has been running since 2006 when it was set up by Cubitt artist Emma Kay. It is our flagship primary school activity and is at the heart of Cubitt Education's participant-led approach, which is driven by an ambition to enable both children and adults to find spaces for creative freedom and to develop increased autonomy over their own learning.

There's some more information about the jam here:

The other jam is our usual Ludum Dare meetup, on the weekend of the 18th-19th of December, at CB2! I'll send out a reminder email about it in a few weeks.

These emails are now being archived on the Cambridge Indies website (, so if you'd like to spread the word about these events, you can link to it here: