Game List

Game Blurb Creator Event Screenshot
Witchyface Shoot spiders Robin Everybody Draw Game Jam (London)
Golden Cone Aliens are taking over the planet, and the only cure is.... ICE CREAM! Flimgoblin Everybody Draw Game Jam (London)
Snowman's Day Out Snowman goes out for a walk increpare Everybody Draw Game Jam (London)
Lighter Than Hair 'Lighter Than Hair' is a weight based puzzle-platformer starring a walking Beard from Victorian London. Beard Games Blackcurrant Jam
GastroCide A weight themed 3D game made in 24 hours at GameCity Nottingham 2010 richardward Blackcurrant Jam
WHATE A Space Game, using the patented WHATE BLASTER dump your opponents into oblivion! Ferritt Blackcurrant Jam
Wait For It The winner is the one to keep their speed to a minimum and finish last. KeegY Blackcurrant Jam
Hesitation Maze Our game made for the blackcurrant jam event at GameCity! fandoster Blackcurrant Jam
Duck Tiddley Winks Yes Ducks and Tiddley Winks infromthecold Strawberry Jam
Where's my ducklings? Find those pesky ducklings in an underpond cave Man Of Doom Strawberry Jam